Genie Best Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repellers 2-Pack

Genie Best Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repellers 2-Pack
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Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller For Nature Lovers
100% Safe Non-Toxic No Chemicals No Poison
Drive Away All Kinds of Pests, Ants, Roaches, Insects & Rodents Without Insecticides
Kids & Pets Friendly
Act NOW before they are all gone!

Special Features

  • CHEMICAL FREE: All natural indoor pest control solution to protect you and your family from pests and rodents. No more hazardous chemicals or traps in your home, apartment or office.
  • PESTICIDE FREE: No Spray No Mess No Deet. Use ultrasound waves (low-frequency tick sound) to drive pests and rodents out of your home. An analogy would be a fire drill next to your ear. They feel irritated the same way by the repeller. Indoor use for baby rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, basements and garages.
  • ZERO MAINTENANCE: Extremely easy to use. Just plug it in. Unlimited use and no refills required. Get one for each room for strong protection. Each repeller is good for coverage up to 500' (depend on your layout).
  • SAFE & HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: You do not want to use chemicals against pests and rodents. Use this proven technology instead and drive unwanted guests from their hiding places .

How It Works  

Uses the latest pest control and pest offense technology available - Emits powerful ultrasonic sound waves at rando time tervals (harmless to humans and pets). These electronic pulses pound the ear drums of the small offensive critters and drive them away.  

Our pest repellers randomly alternate frequencies between 25 KHz to 65 KHz to ensure that pests do not grow accustomed to the deivce. Your unwanted guests have no option but LEAVE YOUR HOME FOR GOOD!

Low-frequency tick to indicate the device is working. It is normal for pests to become more active as they try to escape. Be sure to go through the instruction sheet first before positioning your pest repellers at the best spots. Bear in mind that ultrasound waves do not pass through walls, doors or furniture etc. Do not place the device behind curtains, sofas or other furniture that will block the device.

Set Up Instructions

  • Place the devices where the pests and/or rodents can hear them
  • Make sure they are not blocked by any household objects such as couches or chairs (eg, do not place behind curtains or sofas)
  • Keep the device away from water, vases or containers that have liquid in them
  • These devices need to be plugged in off the floor and away from all objects (bear in mind that ultrasound and ultrasonic waves do not pass through walls, doors or furniture)
  • They need to be pointed to an open space for optimal performance
  • Do not use poisonous chemicals at the same time because they have opposite effects
  • Do not leave uncovered food because they will attract pests while the device is trying to drive them away
  • For Indoor use only

Note: It can take a few weeks to get rid of the rodents all together because during that time, they are trying to adjust or trying to find new spots. You may actually see them more during the first few weeks of usage while they are moving around, but they will eventually leave for good. Upon their departure, do not open your doors, garage and windows as new pests will come in.

User Reviews

I am very pleased with the quality and results of the product.
Great product! Works as described and is safe around my children and pets :)
Just get one for every room and you are good to go.

Product Dimensions: 3.28" L x 2.68" W x 1.96" H / 8.2cm L x 6.7cm W x 4.9cm H

Product Weight: 70g / 2.5 oz

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